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The Hingori Sutras are a series of books that collectively distil the spiritual wisdom of ancient Indian masters.


Karma Sutra

Cracking the Karmic Code

The book defines the Karmic Code in an easy to understand fashion. It helps you understand the doctrine of Karma in relation to your life. It spells out a set of recommended dos and don’ts that you should practice in order to improve your karmic wealth. Read more

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Aatma Sutra

Unveiling the Soul

The Book helps in understanding the multiplicity of the bodies that the human being carries from one life to another. It outlines the science of divinity within each human being and explains how most human beings are not capable of identifying with this divinity, and more significantly why. Read more

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Dream Sutra

Perceiving Hidden Realms

The book dwells upon the experiences of some spiritually advanced people who used their dreams as beacons to perceive hidden realms. The intent in revealing their secrets is the hope that you too may learn to connect with your higher consciousness. Read more

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Guru Sutra

The Guru who won’t keep spiritual secrets

Once in a few hundred years comes a Siddh Guru who dedicates his entire life to making people aware of the  dizzying heights they can soar to spiritually, initiating them on the path to meet their divine selves. Guru Sutra is based on the philosophy and teachings of a powerful Mahaguru who trained hundreds in the art of selfless service and healing, while leading thousands more on the road towards enlightenment. Read More

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Who is Hingori

The author is a teacher of spiritualism, who started of 35 years ago as a student of a powerful Guru – someone who had tapped into the unlimited potential of his spirit mind, who could travel out-of-body at will, heal people, read thoughts, predict future events and communicate with spirits.

The books chronicle the author’s personal journey of spiritual evolution and are full of real-life experiences and mystical insights.

Living like a guy next door, deeply immersed in his duties as a businessman and householder, via his books the author leads us to accepting that spiritual progress is achievable by every common person.

His books are like a Do-it-Yourself (DIY) guide to unleashing your own spiritual powers.

Why should you read the Hingori Sutras?

Acclaimed as the land of spiritual masters, India is an incubator of enlightened minds.

While the sacred scriptures and the writings of realised sages have been translated, they are either filled with jargon and heavy material or are too gimmicky to appear authentic.

There is a need felt by the contemporary man to understand his spiritual roots, his true nature and the knowledge that creates spiritual mastery. The Hingori Sutras aim to fill this void and make the eternal knowledge of Indian spiritualism available to the masses.

It costs more to buy a plate of french fries in a fancy restaurant than it costs to enrich yourself spiritually.

The Choice is Yours.

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