Aatma Sutra

Unveiling the Soul

Discover the Divinity Within

Aatma Sutra is a deconstructed version of the world’s most famous spiritual phrase, ‘Tat Twam Asi’, which means ‘You Are That’. In simpler words, ‘You are as much a part of the consciousness supreme as any other being who lived or will live on this planet’.
This book helps in understanding the multiplicity of bodies that a human being carries from one life to another. It outlines the science of divinity within each individual and explains why most humans are not capable of identifying with this divinity. The greatest challenge is to learn to accept yourself in spite of all the odds, negative thoughts and pangs of guilt.
Being a guide to self-acceptance on an ‘as is where is’ basis, this book elucidates the formula for attaining self-worth and self-love and finally justifies the concept of self-reverence.

Language – English, Hindi

  • Make you fall in love with yourself.
  • Acquire the knowledge of living guilt-free.
  • Develop the power of intent.
  • Learn techniques for expanding your subtle energies/aura.
  • Nurture the divinity within yourself.

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Reader Speak

If ever a book can change a mindset, then this is it. From someone who wallowed in self-pity to understanding my own value, it is indeed an ongoing task but something that has given me comfort and peace of mind. I would want many others to receive their solace and hence, recommending this book as a must, must read.

Suresh Kumar Kasi, Amazon Reviewer

Read the book is begin your journey on the road to self-love. This book shocks, delights and liberates the reader for eventually there is no cross to bear, it is all destiny – what a wonderful way to see the world and meet yourself without the point of view of judgement and failure.

Verified Amazon Customer

A book that truly revolutionized my understanding of what it means to “Love Myself”. The journey down path to spiritual growth takes an interesting turn in this book that reveals the unexpected secret behind spiritual evolution.

Nina Hazarat, Amazon Reviewer

Rarely are sequels as good as their predecessor (Karma Sutra), but Aatma Sutra surpassed my expectations. The author’s finesse is in helping the reader decipher the concept of Tat Twam Asi (That You Are) with such simplicity and simultaneously without arrogance.

Reading the book a couple of times, understanding the concepts the writer has put through with examples, surely got me to start empathising, accepting gracefully everything destiny throws at us and above all our role play in this physical body.

Dhruv, Verified Amazon Customer

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