Dream Sutra

Perceiving Hidden Realms

Believe in the Power of Dreams

The mind of your spirit will always be beyond your grasp, until you learn to identify with the ‘dreamer’ within yourself. Dream Sutra chronicles the experiences of many who were helped, healed, guided and communicated with, in their dream state.
The unifying thread among these people was a common Guru– someone who could travel out-of-body at will, heal people and even provide insights into their future.
Even close to 30 years after his death, this Mahaguru still communicates and guides his devotees and disciples via their dreams. A fact they are accustomed to but are still in awe of.
Using first-hand accounts, Dream Sutra weaves a narrative with anecdotes and provides an explanation to less understood spiritual phenomena.

Language availabe in – English, Hindi

  • Allows you to analyse various types of dreams and realise the reality of your subtle body.
  • Experientially validate out-of-body, inter dimensional travel.
  • Ponder on whether destiny can be altered in the dream state and if dreams hold clues to the future?
  • Guide you on dealing with dreams of death and the deceased.
  • Explore the possibility of exhausting karmas in the dream state.

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Reader Speak

Just finished reading it last night. Written very well and easy to understand and follow. After reading the book understood and could relate to many past dreams I have had. It is worth reading this book as it gives you ideas of your dreams and how you should follow what your guru says without any questions asked as it is for your good only.

Farida Arsiwalla, Amazon Reviewer

I’ve always been curious about the implication and meaning of the dreams that we have. Dream Sutra gives an insight into this realm. You can either read it simply as a fascinating and entertaining story of people who have had amazing experiences and what they meant, or, read it like me to gain a deeper understanding of dreams and how they relate to our lives spiritually and the messages they carry for us. Strongly recommended.

KA, Amazon Reviewer

Dream Sutra is not just a book about dream-state experiences but also a book that highlights the ability of spiritually evolved entities to use the dream state to evolve other beings. It talks about the oneness of the universe, about the divinity that binds us all while highlighting the wondrous experiences where people have been healed in dreams, received messages and shown dimensions that the naked eye cannot see. It’s a very enlightening read and will compel you to make an attempt to understand dream symbolism…and it explains “Maya” unlike any other book before. I give it 5 stars!

Roshni, Amazon Reviewer

Dreams have always interested me. Out of all the books I have read this one is the best. I know some people who have shared their experiences in this book, I can say without any doubt that whatever is written is 100% true. It is not some fanciful imagination as some new readers of Hingori Sutra might think. The language is written in a simple way & the experiences and visions are explained very carefully. For spiritually evolving people this book will be of great value. They may be able to by themselves or by talking to their Guru, sort out some unpleasant situations & happenings going on in their lives, and get healed via understanding what their dreams are indicating. Even for readers who are reading about dreams for the first time, this book will invoke more interest on this topic. I suggest all should read this book. I am sure that like me, all will find this book incredible & fascinating. I give it 5 stars.

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