Karma Sutra

Cracking the Karmic Code

Crack the Karmic Code

The greatest asset of India is neither the Taj Mahal nor the buzzing metropolis of Mumbai. For tens of  thousands of years, India’s greatest asset has been its philosophy and spiritualism. Tourists or even people who live here, hardly take advantage of this wealth and benefit from it.
Karma Sutra is the Indian doctrine of karma. It explains the cause and effect of destiny and decodes the karmic laws that govern us. By mapping our karmic assets and liabilities, we can outline our karmic balance sheet and determine how to enhance it’s P&L.
In the final analysis, Karma Sutra is a tool that may help you carve a better future in this lifetime and earn the karmic wealth that will command your ethereal status after death.

Language – English, Hindi, Marathi, Bengali

  • Read the real life stories of some of the most powerful saints who lived on this planet.
  • Figure out why karma dictates your destiny.
  • Decipher the secrets behind the laws of karma.
  • Learn how Karma can influence your luck.
  • The question “Why does this happen to me?” will be resolved on reading this book.

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Reader Speak

Finally I am in a position to comment on Karma Sutra. 1 – most importantly I liked reading it and I have referred to it for some of the karma deeds. 2. – why did I take time to complete reading the book is a question. It could be that it didn’t interest me or may be I was biased that i know you or that I didn’t get appropriate time. We will discuss and figure out. But that’s my honest opinion as a friend. As a critic. 3.- most importantly I told my wife who was cribbing about a friend of hers and I told her to read the book and then think whether she wants to attract any negativity. Lol. Above is my honest opinion for you. The mere fact that I have devoted time to write this clearly states that it’s an excellent attempt. Bless you good luck and all the best

Georgy Bhalla, Editor, Tathastu

Karma Sutra by Hingori reminded me of the book “The Prophet” by Khalil Gibran, in the nature of its presentation. Just as the Prophet, this book also captures paintings almost throughout the book.

The content of this book is not alien to us. Most of us would be familiar with the term Karma, the cause and effect. But this concept of Karma surprises me in that I was able to pick something new from this book. For ex., when we are being good to others, in way of helping or smiling at them or comforting them, I know I generate a good karma for myself, what skipped me and I got through this book is that, the recipient of my action becomes indebted to the kindness shown to him…

…It is a good book, and the good intent of the author comes loud and clear in the way he has presented the Karmic concepts and tried to explain the last two sections. He also offers some worksheets to monitor our karmic progress by increasing our positive karmas and minimizing our negative karmas in the form of objective type questions. Useful it will be. Also he offers help if contacted and a mail id is provided.

Balakumar, Amazon Reviewer

The best book to understand the law of karma for a common man. Everyone can relate to this book and does not seem to bounce over the head. The book also teaches us how to live a karma positive life without making any great changes to our life. A must read for every person.

Kapil Mahtani, Verified Amazon Customer

The author has explained the very complex subject of Karma in a lucid and simple way. It’s highly recommended for understanding life and the process thereof. Should be re-read a couple of times. Each time it gives better perspective. Thank you for simplifying life.

Arjun Tandon, Verified Amazon Customer

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